What Can Cause Brake Pad Wear On One Side and Not The Other?

Front and back brake pads wear at different rates. As your car moves forward, it puts a strain on the front brakes than it does to the rear brakes, resulting in more tearing down at the front. However, if your brakes are degrading quicker in one part of the car, for instance, the driver's seat vs. the passenger side - the problem is a little more difficult. You can tell there is an issue if you observe the following;

Slide Pins

These are the metal pins that allow the braking caliper to move back and forth with the wheels. When these pins rust, the caliper can no longer glide. As a result, the caliper becomes trapped in one position; if it is stuck in the correct position, the pads on that side may wear out faster. Corrosion is usually removed with a wire brush and some grease.


When new brake pads are fitted in your car, the mechanic may not position them perfectly, which can be caused by a bent bracket on the rear of the pad. When your brake pads are misaligned, they will wear differently throughout the course of your driving actions. You should detect this issue after a few days of acquiring new mismatched brake pads. When you start having braking problems, you'll wonder why your brakes are messing up so soon after you change them. The brake pads are wearing unevenly because they are not properly positioned in the caliper.

Variation in Disc Thickness

Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) is a technical term that describes a problem in which the thickness of your vehicle's braking rotors varies. The brake pad comes into touch with more flat patches on the rotor, causing it to wear down quickly and more irregularly than the remaining pads in your automobile. This problem can also be caused by a stuck brake calipers, rust, corrosion, and repetitive braking. Disc Thickness Variation can also be caused by dust and dirt between the rotors and the braking pad.

Rotors with an uneven surface

Brake pads can also wear disproportionately under certain situations, resulting in disc thickness variance. This can be caused by sticky calipers, corrosion, excessive braking, or dirt and debris getting trapped between the pad and the rotor.


If you notice your brake pads are becoming less effective and wearing unevenly, a quick stop at Chimney Rock Car Care will get you all the services you require.

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