Types of Car Fluid Leaks


Leaks can occur at any time in your vehicle but how do you identify a leak and whether or not it is a serious issue?

Oil Leak

An oil leak will present itself as a black puddle. Leaks most often come from the oil pan or a number of gaskets in the engine. An oil leak will result in low oil levels, and low oil levels will result in engine damage so it is very important to get this rectified as soon as possible.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Red liquid coming from the front or middle of your vehicle is a sign of transmission fluid leakage. You can check your levels yourself using the dipstick to be sure. It can sometimes happen from a cracked fuel line or broken seal. Do not drive it, instead, you should have it towed to your local auto repair shop for inspection and repair.

Coolant Leak

Coolant leakage is bright green, orange or pink and has a very sweet smell. It is a symptom of a crack in your car's cooling system. Low coolant levels can ultimately do quite a lot of damage to your engine so you should seek to repair it straight away.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

If you have power steering then your leak may be power steering fluid. It is similar to transmission fluid and can leak if there is damage to certain joints or gaskets. If you notice your steering becoming harder to handle this may be why.

Water Leaking

Clear and odorless, water leaking from your vehicle is nothing to worry about. Water puddles can occur from your car's air conditioner unit as condensed water falls off it after driving your car.


Gasoline leaking from your vehicle is multicolored in appearance and with a distinctive smell that is easy to identify. The fumes in a small space can be harmful, not to mention that it is an extremely flammable liquid. You have a leak in your car's fuel system orin the gasket around your gas cap.

If you are concerned about a car fluid leak, you are welcome to bring your vehicle to Chimney Rock Car Care today. We can investigate the causes and carry out your car fluid leak repair today!

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